Facebook: coming up with good ads!

Do you know what we find the most difficult part of running Facebook Ads? Coming up with good ads! Some people make it seem so easy while in reality, it’s not. So here are some tricks we apply, to make sure we create ads that work, without losing thousands of dollars first in split testing.

Team brainstorm

Before we launch a new Facebook ad campaign for one of our advertisers, we always start with a team brainstorm first. What is coming up in our mind when we think of this advertiser? What are people associating this brand with? And what angles can we think of?


Team Brainstorm. Who comes up with the best ad copy idea?

Spy on popular ads

Now that we got our own ideas, let’s have a look at the competition. There are several spy tools out there that reveal what kind of ads other businesses are creating. By using these spy tools, we look for ads that have lots of social activity, and reverse engineer these types of ads so we can apply them for our client. So we don’t duplicate these ads, but use them as a great source of inspiration

Check Viralnova

Viralnova.com is a great way to find interesting angles, images and headline copy ideas.


Automation is very important. Who wants to create 20 ads manually? And upload all of them separately? Expert Group has all the necessary tools to automate the ad creation and ad uploading process. This enables us to speed up campaigns and detect winner ads efficiently.


If you are serious about your online campaigns, you need to automate!

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